Life Reflected. is born out of a desire to offer a service to parents of Child Led Photography that result in you having beautiful artwork in your homes. 
You may choose either an album or to display your artwork on your walls. 
So many of us have photos fading away on our phones. 
We at Life Reflected. want you to have images which truly reflect your lives. Unscripted.
We will try and encourage natural smiles (not force fakes ones).

We want you and your child to enjoy your Life Reflected. experience.
Life is short, you enjoy it and let us do the hard work.

What is Child Led Photography?

Your child's safety and happiness is our top priority. In our planning stage, we will work with you to choose a location that your child will enjoy and be safe in.
So for example that means avoiding lakes and unfenced parks near roads if your child likes to runs off.
We don't want your life to stop for getting your portraits taken, we want this to be an experience in itself. 
A day to enjoy, to remember with fondness.

Life with children can be hard, having your family portraits does not need to be.

 Girl holds newborn baby cousin in Merton, London by London Family Photographer Evie Winter

Storytelling Photography

This image above is representative of what Life Reflected. stands for. It is not about the technical excellence of a portrait taken in a studio, but capturing a moment which will quickly disappear. 
This is my niece holding my second daughter. I was not sure I would ever have any children, and could have only dreamed of my niece holding my first child, yet here this is an image beyond my dreams.
Life with children is messy, it's hard, but when you look carefully - you seen dreams come true and that is what Life Reflected. represents. Dreams coming true, moments captured.

Let us tell your story.