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Not Just any Photoshoot

We believe your Lifestyle Portrait session is all about you. As a photographer, I want to give you prints which will reflect the beauty and honesty of your life. Whilst it can be rushed and chaotic as you balance family with work commitments, not to mention anything else that lands on your plate - it is still your life. This is the time your children will remember.

We want you to be not only satisfied, but delighted by the service and prints you receive from Life Reflected. Photography by Evie Winter

If you are looking for a few digital only snaps, I may not be the photographer for you, however I'd love to explain to you what I can offer and why you might want to consider it!

An Example Family Photoshoot


Pre Consultation: Styling, clothes and Location will be discussed before the session. I'll also give you a questionnaire which will help me plan your session before the day. You will also have the opportunity to look at some of the products I sell to give you an idea of what you might want to purchase.

Preparation: We are keen to make your photoshoot as straightforward, enjoyable and as special as possible. You will receive a pack with some reminders about the style suggestions and other helpful hints of how you can make the most of your session.

Photoshoot: On the day you will have the option to have your hair and makeup done before your photoshoot (you might want to take advantage of looking fab and book a sunset session and have a night out afterwards!). 

All photoshoots are currently taking place at home or on location, in places familiar to my clients. I want to photograph the joy and peace of you being in a meaningful place. I will check out the location ahead of time (if it is your house, I'll arrange that with you). I will use gentle direction to get portraits which you will love, but sometimes I'll just let you and your family be and photograph the natural moments. 

Viewing and Purchasing: My job is to take photographs which you will fall in love with, you will want to display around you. You will have the opportunity at the viewing appointment, one week after the photoshoot, to look at all of the photographs from your session and to decide which you want to purchase.
I do not offer a digital only option as we want your photographs to last. I cannot guarantee photographs on the cloud or on USB stick will stay around. However everybody loves to share their photographs on Instagram and Facebook, and you may want the option to print yourselves one day, so we do offer the digital file of all prints purchased.

You will receive your order 4-6 weeks after ordering. 
All local orders can be hand delivered. We can offer assistance in arranging to have prints put up on your walls if needed.